Tech Update:

Fern here, as of right now I’m working in two games Amisah (which is pretty much by myself), and project Sen (which is with the Project Sen team).

Programming Project Sen with some people that worked on Skullgirls and they have their ways of doing things, one thing that was really pushed for the game was the possibility of shading, and coloring separately, so we could real-time color-swaps. now this is a piece of cake on DirectX since you can call things like linear light or overlay, but I don’t have a way to separate darker and lighter pixels for blending modes in the Context3DBlendFactor so I had to pretty much jump trough some hoops to achieve it while keeping their way of work.

I still need to figure out a way to make pallette swaps that doesn’t take a lot of memory.

For both and for future games I develop, I finally finished my spriteSheet editor, which will pretty much parse all my spritesheets and turn them into this simple to read and quick to load *.ASSET files which will help lowering loading times and manage these files.

I’m also going to work in an animation engine for both games to handle animations with the pallette swaps and add hit-boxes.

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