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Something different, some fanart for the new Dangan Ronpa game

More practice this time with Nargyle’s character Thunder.

It’s her birthday so say hello to her.

Animation practice taking advantage of my vacations to ACTUALLY PRACTICE STUFF. seriously is so nice to have some time for myself.

This is Chara Falls from a short story I’m working, practiced some subtle animation on her, I can do regular animation, as long as I can draw it, but subtle animation has less movement its harder for me.

"Follow Jacob and Mimi two kids trapped in Escalinate, as they go in an epic quest to rebuild the "giant stairway" that will take them back home, but at what cost?"

-Kids, friendship, adventures

I hope you guys like highly energetic action comics because that is what Escalinate aims to be.


I’m getting better at drawing worried kids haha, Amisah is still in my head everyday, these are tests of her with a calligraphy pen which i’m still getting used to.

Did these yesterday, still running the Amisah blog but until I launch Escalinate it’s a bit deserted.

Finally got around to ink this one, I think she has one of the most interesting silhouettes, and kind of almost makes me want to go back and improve the silhouttes of the rest of the cast.

She’s a character of Escalinate you can see the process of design here

Tried using a fountain pen traditional pen this time in mix with a small brush for the heavier lines, I don’t know what to think of the combination but I need more practice with fountain pens..

Tons of programmed megamans

Sketches from my sketchbook #7

PS the character from the top left is from this

The second dude is a character of mine called Bridge, the rest is just nonsense.

Sketches from my sketchbook #6
ESCALINATE special some spoiler free stuff from my tiny sketchbook

Sketches from my sketchbook #5
Bus sketches, sketches i drew while in a moving vehicle pretending to write glancing at people awkwardly.

Sketches from my sketchbook #4
I drew my grandpa between these. guess who it is…

Since i’ve been in a drawing mood decided it’s time to draw a new avatar for my social networks. didn’t want anger, sadness or decisiveness to reflect on it but wonder, it might have not worked but hey… I… tried ok.

On a different note, i’ve been practicing like crazy the last couple of weeks almost every living second drawing, I’m training for my comic.

Sketches from my sketchbook #1

practicing on drawing people.