I dream
of creating games
like the ones that inspired us
when we where young.

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Hello, my name is Fernando Holguin Weber, been programming my whole life.
I currently work as a professional at Ximah digital, and work on personal projects on the side. I'm one of the few programmers on Ecuador that can create a full physics engine from scratch. I pride on learning every day, always books to finish. I believe in helping people through the art of software entertainment which is the most unique art form aroud.

As a developer I have worked on a bit of everything, and can create games from scratch in almost any platform. For inquiries please refer to my mail contact@fernhw.com I also create apps, and Html5 solutions.

Fluent speaker in spanish and english.


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I'm making a horror game.

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Why did you removed the Xcode and Android native Apps?

My superiors told me to remove all Native XCode, and Android Apps due to all of them
being tied with governmental work, if you wish to see them, I will gladly send you
a more complete albeit private portfolio. Apps are a walk in the park compared to games tho.